International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Education (IJIEE) is a peer-reviewed online journal for professionals and researchers in the field of Technology and Science. The main aim is to resolve emerging and outstanding problems revealed by recent electrical and electronics developments. IJIEE provides the platform for the researchers to present and evaluate their work from both theoretical and technical aspects and to share their views.

The journal welcomes high-quality original research papers, survey paper, review paper, tutorial, technical notes as well as the discussion papers.

The Journal covers the articles of the following disciplines (But not limited to)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Information Engineering and Technology
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Remote Sense and Earth Sciences
Agriculture Engineering
Water and Soil Engineering
Automation and Mechatronics Engineering
Material and Chemical Engineering
Civil and Architecture Engineering
Biotechnology and BioEngineering
Environmental Engineering
Petroleum and Mining Engineering
Marine and Agriculture engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Systems & Control Engineering
Production & Manufacturing Engineering
Education Principles
Engineering Pedagogy
Management Principles
Education in rural areas
Education in foreign universities
Outcome-based Education
Ethics in Education
Education Languages
Importance of Languages in education