Frequently asked questions

1. Is the processing fee zero for the article, is it correct?
A. Yes, it is for best papers. Based on author’s quality of the paper, originality of the paper, presentation of the content, the flow of the paper, results and discussion, etc. an evaluation sheet will be prepared. The best papers will be announced on the last day of the issue. The total processing fee will be returned to the authors of that papers. 

2. What are specialties of your journal?
A. These are our specialties
a. The processing/publication fee is zero for best papers.
b. Fee waiver policy is available for suitable authors.
c. Plagiarism report will be supplied to the authors.
d. All the manuscripts will be checked with Professional English Software*.
e. Fast response to author’s inquiries.
f. Author-friendly environment.
g. Transparent Publication of Journals.
h. 24*7 customer support.

i. Publication on Demand within 24 Hrs.

3. Exactly at what time, the paper is going to be published?
We will start the process, once the formalities of copywriting and camera-ready paper are over. It may take maximum 7 Days.

4. What matter makes me choose your publication?
A. Please go through the unique features of our Journal.

5. For any queries whom do we contact?
A. Please go through the ‘contact us’ details.

6. How much time would the review process take?
A. Each submission undergoes a detailed and rapid review by our esteemed reviewers. The review process will be completed expectedly within 3-4 days.

7. I haven’t received any notification even after 7 days of submission, what to do?
A. Depending on your personal spam filter settings it is also possible that the notification email may also be directed to your spam folder rather than your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to send a mail directly to us; you shall be informed of the status within 24 hours.

8. Can I make any correction in my paper after the publication?
A. There is no chance of modifications after the paper publication. The processing fee will not be refunded once it is paid.

9. Is the publication fee negotiable?
A. No, the publication fee is fixed. But in certain cases, the fee waiver policy can be availed.

* Conditions apply.