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General Benefits*
You are expected as an editorial board or a reviewer of a journal, who is truly productive, innovative, knowledgeable and in fact prestigious. As an editorial board member/reviewer of the Journal, you can avail the following powers/benefits.
⦁ You are requested to read carefully the articles about your area of interest and suggest, to shape in a better way.
⦁ You are advised to keep yourself up-to-date while checking and suggesting the changes in manuscript.
⦁ You are the main asset who will shape the journal that suits society requirements.
⦁ Your inputs may help us to arrange the special issues on upcoming topics.
⦁ You are requested to give productive suggestions that lead our journal as one among the best journals of the same group.

Additional benefits to the editorial or reviewer*
1. Processing fee for editorial or reviewer’s manuscript is absolutely free.
2. Processing fee for a manuscript which is recommended by an editorial or a reviewer is half (50% discount) of the original.

You are expected to be a role model in the profession to have some experience of publishing articles. A reviewer’s/editorial member’s comment decides the acceptance or revision or rejection of an article so it plays an important role in peer review process.
While verifying the article, you have to go through following points
⦁ Coverage of the manuscript in relevance with the scope of the journal.
⦁ Detailed examination and relevance of the article as per author guidelines.
⦁ Careful examination of purposes and objectives of the work carried out.
⦁ Exact explanation of the conclusions and recommendations along with latest references.
⦁ Suggest the authors for better shape based on the structure of the manuscript.

The acceptance of following terms and conditions confirms your appointment as a member of editorial board or reviewer of the journal.
⦁ Your appointment is initially for Two years.
⦁ At any point of time, the editorial board or reviewer of a journal can take retirement from the agreement with prior intimation to the publication house.
⦁ You are expected to observe/follow carefully policies, ethics and practices of journals which may change from time to time.
⦁ You agree to display your name and photograph on the website of the site and journal cover.
You are expected not to misuse the articles of the authors, as they are the role models to our next generation.

The publication house is expected that you will comfortably complete the agreement period as mentioned. The agreement may be terminated at any point of time without informing you, based on the following disturbances.
⦁ Lack of mutual understanding of common aspects as per our policies.
⦁ Repetitive unsatisfactory performance of the assigned work.
⦁ Misuse of the author’s articles.

Note: Interested academic professionals towards an editor or a reviewer member can send their resume to our mail id.

Required details of a member
⦁ Full Name
⦁ Designation
⦁ Qualification
⦁ Working address
⦁ Area of research
⦁ Area of interest
⦁ Contact Number
⦁ Mail ID
⦁ Research and academic experience
⦁ Published papers
⦁ Published books (If any)
⦁ Patent details (If any)

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